The Bayswater Park Cricket Club was formed in 1968, by a group of Fathers, whose children were attending “Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School” in Orange Grove Bayswater. This group of Fathers met regularly on Friday nights, where they would end up telling stories of their sporting exploits from their youth. The boasting got to such an extent, that the majority had convinced themselves that they were actually that good and when Brian Beyer dropped the suggestion of forming a Cricket Team, they all jumped at the chance to show off their cricketing ability.

So it was decided that the “Bayswater Catholics Cricket Club” be formed and the men’s club in which the group of fathers belonged would be the rallying point for players.

The first team from the Bayswater Catholics Cricket Club was entered into the Ferntree Gully and District Cricket Association in the 1968/69 season. The club’s first home ground was Bayswater Park and the pavilion was generally the boot of Bill Double, Bob Cain or Brian Beyers car. The store room was the boot of the car of the person who was not carrying the afternoon tea and most importantly the social rooms was a tree (if one could be found), Bill Double’s pet warehouse or the Pub.

In 1970/71 the first junior teams were entered in to the Ferntree Gully Competition and while the Junior Section of the club struggled early on, all the hard effort was eventually rewarded with the club’s first premiership in 1972/73.

Brian Beyer was the instigator of the forming of the club and as a result elected himself as the inaugural President and Captain Coach. In those days most of the members were struggling, with young families and there was only one or two bob between all the players. Bill Double was the exception, even then being a very successful pet store owner and as a result he was unanimously elected Treasurer. Brian and Bill were very much the backbone of the club in the early years, with Bill in particular helping out where he could with the provision of training kits and other such essential items. In 1973/74 it was decided to change the name of the club from Bayswater Catholics Cricket Club to the Bayswater Park Cricket Club. It was after an incident in the semi-final against Bayswater Cricket Club in 1975/76 which saw Bayswater move through to the Grand Final and it was decided that the Bayswater Park Cricket Club should move from the Ferntree Gully District Cricket Association to the Ringwood and District Cricket Association- A move which in hindsight proved to be the in the best interests of the club.

In 1993/94 the Veterans section of the club was formed and in its short life has experienced much success with three premierships in 1994/95, 1997/98 and 2013/14.

The Club’s original colours were Red and White and were changed in the late 90’s to Maroon, Blue and Yellow along with the addition of the logo and mascot of a Shark. It was also at the same time that the club relocated its headquarters from Sasses Avenue to Guy Turner Reserve. The area at Guy Turner Reserve offered greater opportunities for development of playing surface and facilities.

In 2006/2007 a Ladies team was formed and has gone from strength to strength, with their most recent success being the multiple One Day and T20 Premiers.

The facilities which the club has today are a far cry from those of when the club first started. During the lead up to the 2011/12 season, Knox Council upgraded the rooms with a $600,000 extension and renovation. The new facilities are shared with the Bayswater Strikers Soccer Club who occupy the pavilion during our off season.

Bayswater Park Cricket Club over the past 40 seasons has experienced both the good times and bad. Despite changes in fortune, the club has survived and continued to serve the local community by providing cricketers of all ages and levels of ability, with the opportunity to participate in the game they love.

40th year celebrations

At our 40th year celebrations, a selection panel was established to choose two teams from the first and second 20 years of our clubs history.

The teams were:

1968 – 1988
Ron Taylor (C)
Robin Court (VC)
John Reid
John Mulvogue
Pat Schofield
Ron Beaton
Daren Geraghty
Brendan Cain
Brian Beyer
John G Monk
Neil Geraghty
Bob Cain

1989 – 2009
Bruce Beaton (C)
Benjamin Beech (VC)
Robert Bailey
Mathew Parker
Andrew Beaton
Steve Payne
Glen Burbidge
Robbie Attard
Ashley Webb
John Greene
Tomas Fay
Christopher Springett